About VCT Wheels

VCT Wheels is ready to get you rolling!  At our Los Angeles, California distribution facility, we stock over 50,000 wheels.  With that many wheels and an array of fitments and styles at our disposal, we can ship to you no matter if you are in the United States, Asia, Australia, or Europe.

That is just part of VCT Wheels.  We also ship custom orders and private label products out of our Hong Kong, China office. We can work with you to develop, design, and produce your wheels.  Combined, these offices allow VCT Wheels to deliver high quality product at competitive prices.  That makes us one of the most sought after brands in the industry.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction at VCT Wheels is legendary, making the rest of the wheel industry stop and stare.  But we aren’t stopping!  This year we plan to bring in over 250,000 wheels to meet the demands of you, the VCT Wheels customer.  Thanks to our new line of tuner wheels, REVOLUTION RACING, VCT is truly the only place to go for everything you need.  We have sizes ranging from 17” to 30” and inserted wheels you won’t find anywhere else.  Our new website even has the IConfigurator, where you can see exactly how your new wheels will look on your ride, before even leaving your home.

The VCT group’s reputation is spreading like wildfire over more than a dozen countries.  VCT, SCORPION, and the newest, REVOLUTION RACING, are seen all over the roads.  You can find a wide selection of wheel designs for each brand, no matter if you are sitting in a car or truck.  Looking for something special?  Have a special idea for your wheels?  We are dedicated to making your experience at VCT a great one.  You can even keep track of what’s going on at VCT Wheels through social media venues Facebook and Twitter.  

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